About Grisha Seregin

Grisha has loved photography all of his life. He enjoys it so much that he will often spend hours looking to capture those rare and fleeting moments when the light dances with a flower or reveals the hidden beauty in a forest or mountain side.

Another area of his passion and expertise is creating photographs that seem to defy logic. By using specialized techniques that appear to bend light and transport images and people in his photographs, Grisha can transform what would otherwise be an ordinary photograph into a work of art.

Grisha has been called the Photographer of Lights, he has been amazing and delighting people of all ages with his unique techniques and abilities of capturing with a digital camera what others often don’t see.

Using just a standard digital camera and his unique photographic techniques, Grisha can “paint” lights into a photograph without using any photo touch up or manipulation software. Every photograph he takes is created through the lens of his camera; they are never altered or changed once he releases the camera’s shutter.

Should you be interested in purchasing any of Grisha’s extraordinary photographs or hiring him for a special project or to learn more about his techniques, you can contact Grisha through our Contact Us page.